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You can refill all these printers cartridges with CIM 02A
Apple Stylewriter 1200 Apple Stylewriter 1500 Apple Stylewriter 2400 Apple Stylewriter 2500
Apple Stylewriter l Apple Stylewriter ll Canon BJC 2000 Canon BJC 2100
Canon BJC 4000Ss Canon BJC 4100 Canon BJC 4200 Canon BJC 4300
Canon BJC 4500 Canon BJC 4550 Canon BJC 4550Ss Canon BJC 5000
Canon BJC 5100 Canon BJC 5500K Canon MultiPass C 2500 Canon MultiPass C 3000
Canon MultiPass C 3500 Canon MultiPass C 5000 Canon MultiPass C 530 Canon MultiPass C 545
Canon MultiPass C 5500 Canon MultiPass C 555 Canon MultiPass C 560 Canon MultiPass C 635
Canon S 100SP Qcine Color + Qcine Color ll Qcine Pro 7000

With HIM 500D you can refill these HP printers cartridges
Hp Designjet 200 Hp Designjet 220 Hp Designjet 600 Hp Deskjet 300
Hp Deskjet 400 Hp Deskjet 500 Hp Deskwriter 300 Hp Deskwriter 400
Hp Deskwriter 500 Hp Officejet 330

Description of Product
Your Ink-Mate refill kit comes complete with a detailed description on "how to refill"
A quantitty of ink for refilling at least two times.

HIM 600D is for :
ALL HP printers in the 600 series
HIM 800D is for:
HP cartridges ref.# 51645 & 6615

HIM 800P is for:
HP cartridges with ref.# 1823,6625&6578
SIM 50A is for:
LEXMARK cartridges with ref.# 12A1970,&17G0050
SIM 50CN is for:
LEXMARK cartridges with ref.# 12A1980 & 17G0060